Microplane GW5 2″ Rotary Shaper Gift Set


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Microplane GW5 2″ Rotary Shaper Gift Set

Whether a lifelong woodworker or just beginning, our Microplane® 2″ Rotary Shaper Drill Press Attachment will help them do great work quickly and easily. The 2″ rotary shaper is able to take off larger amounts of wood at the same spindle speed as the 1″. The woodworker can make rough cuts as well as finishing cuts. These Rotary Shapers are great for freehanded contouring of wood. Gift Set includes one replacement blade.

Gift Set Includes

2″ Rotary Shaper
2″ Rotary Shaper Replacement Blade

Product Details

Requires very little sanding after use (finish sanding only).
Each shaper creates small shavings instead of dust for a healthier work environment.
Can be used with either a drill press or a hand drill.
Blades will not clog.
Replaceable blades.
Dimensions: 2″ cutting diameter, 3.5″ total height with shaft, cutting blade height: 2 1/8″.
Fits 5/16″ (.3125″) or larger chuck.
Shaft Diameter: 5/16″ (.3125″).
Weight: 4 oz.
Materials: Blades made of 400 series stainless steel.
Recommended 1000-2000 RPM
Do Not Exceed 2500 RPM
Blade made in USA. Molded in Mexico.


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