Microplane 30041 2 in Rotary Shaper Drill Attachment


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Microplane 30041 2 in Rotary Shaper Drill Attachment
Prepare to enjoy shaping with more control and precision. Each drum has been designed with a replaceable blade and a tooth pattern to prevent, not minimize clogging.

Product Details

Requires very little sanding after use (finish sanding only).
Each shaper creates small shavings instead of dust for a healthier work environment.
Can be used with either a drill press or a hand drill.
Blades will not clog.
Replaceable blades.
Dimensions: 2″ cutting diameter, 3.5″ total height with shaft, cutting blade height: 2 1/8″.
Shaft Diameter: 5/16″ (.3125″).
Weight: 4 oz.
Materials: Blades made of 400 series stainless steel.
Recommended 1000-2000 RPM
Do Not Exceed 2500 RPM
Blade made in USA. Molded in Mexico.


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