Microplane 30045 Rotary Shaper Follower Kit


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30045 Rotary Shaper Follower Ki tDoes not include Rotary Shaper.

The Microplane® Follower Kit is an excellent addition to the rotary shapers when milling multiple units of the same configuration. This allows for repeatability as the woodworker can trace the same pattern using this bearing follower. It fits both the 1 and the 2rotary shapers.

Product Details

Includes 1″ Follower and 2″ Expansion Ring
Weight: 1 oz.
The Rotary Shaper rotates clockwise. Materials being fed into the shaper should be fed left of center to reduce kickback.
Recommended 1000-2000 RPM
Do Not Exceed 2500 RPM
Made in USA.


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