Wyland Reef Series Dolphins Canvas Bd. Kit


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The Wyland Reef Series Canvas Kits were created by Fredrix Artist Canvas and Wyland, the renowned marine life artist and conservationist, as a fun and educational art project to fire up your imagination about the undersea world.

• Paint your own reef scene and marine animal shapes featuring designs by nature artist Wyland.
• Decorate and adhere the canvas shapes to the surface for a dramatic 3D effect.
• Backgrounds for each kit match up side by side. Paint the whole series and hang them as a reef tryptic.
• Ready to paint with acrylics, oils or tempera. Decorate with glitter, beads and more. Get creative!
• Made with recycled materials to reinforce the importance of a sustainable healthy planet.

Paint the background, decorate the shapes and adhere them to the surface for a dramatic 3D effect. Each kit contains an 11×14 canvas panel pre-printed with a Wyland designed reef background, 2 sea animal canvas board shapes and a tips & info sheet. Made with recycled materials.


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