Hi-Performance PLUS

high performance plus High-Precision, High-Detail Work Renowned as the professional’s workhorse, the popular High Performance Series has just been pumped up these inspired new features. Dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise control of paint flow Teflon needle packing for automotive or other solvent-based paints Larger threads on the nozzle offer a more secure fit and better centering of the nozzle Redesigned tapered gravity-feed cups ensure easy clean up and more efficient paint flow Single-piece auxiliary lever/needle-chucking guide provides easy assembly Each nozzle is precisely made on the industry’s most sophisticated machinery. They are hand tested to assure accurate control and fine atomization of the spray, and they are self-sealing, which eliminates the need for messy sealers. Unlike conventional brass nozzles, steel alloys are more durable and resist damage from harsh chemicals. The unique test spray pattern is included with all Custom Micron Series and High Performance Series Airbrushes.

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