Wood Spirits and Green Men


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Wood Spirits and Green Men: A Design Sourcebook for Woodcarvers and Other Artists
Authors: Shawn Cipa, Chris Pye, Lora S. Irish

ISBN: 1-56523-261-5
Pages: 104
Package: 1 Soft Cover
Size: 8.5″ X 11″

The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Wood Spirits and Green Men.

Green Men and Wood Spirits, historical symbols that link the forces of nature and humanity, have re-emerged as popular subjects for woodcarvers as well as for artists of other mediums.
In Wood Spirits and Green Men noted artist and author Lora S. Irish has created the ultimate sourcebook for carving these classic figures.
Tips, techniques, illustrations and a full-color photo gallery provide the information and inspiration necessary to successfully create your own interpretation of this timeless icon -regardless of what medium you select.

What’s Inside:

– An examination of the history and evolution of the Green Man and Wood Spirit symbols.
– Step-by-step information for carving a Green Man and a Wood Spirit walking stick by renowned carvers Chris Pye and Shawn Cipa.
– 40 ready-to-use, well-designed patterns and 50 premium illustrations.
– Tips and techniques for drawing the human face for modifying existing Green Man and Wood Spirit patterns.
– A gallery of eye-catching and inspiring photos from Clive Hicks displaying the historical – and informative – architectural contexts of the Green Man.


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