Wood Carving Basics , By David Sabol


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Wood Carving Basics
By David Sabol

In over 25 years as a full-time wood carver, David Sabol has created life-like animals and birds, beautiful landscapes, festive Christmas ornaments, stunning storybook characters, and distinctive signs for business and historical sites.
Now you can too – by following the tips, techniques and creative advice in Woodcarving Basics.

As a traditional craft that’s survived for centuries, wood carving is something just about anyone can master – if you’re willing to learn the basic skills. That’s precisely what you’ll find in this comprehensive volume from the guru of wood carving.

From simple to more sophisticated techniques, the book includes a broad sampling of creative projects – with step-by-step instructions and colorful photos that show you how to make each one a work of art.

The projects – designed to give beginners a working knowledge of many carving styles – become increasingly more challenging as you move through the book. Every piece you create will hone your skills for the projects that follow.

As you move from one chapter to the next, you’ll learn all the valuable techniques you need to grow as a carver. After a while, you’ll gain the confidence to try more complicated projects and experiment with pieces you’ve dreamed up yourself.

For anyone who wants to master the essentials, Wood Carving Basics is the perfect place to start. You’ll learn how to:

Select wood from a wide range of interesting types
Choose tools from knives and gouges to V-tools and power carving devices
Sharpen and care for your tools to improve performance and longevity
Relief carve wildlife and landscapes
Chip carve, power carve and burn wood
Paint and finish your carvings with colorful detail
If wood carving sparks your desire to make something with your own hands – developing an artful touch and meticulous attention to detail – here’s one book that delivers all the expert advice you need.


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