Tauntons Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening


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Tauntons Complete Illustrated Guide to Sharpening

Thomas Lie-Nielsen
Hardcover9-3/16 x 10-7/8 in.224 pageswith color photos and drawings
Published 2005
Master the techniques for hand and power tools

This step-by-step reference provides quick access for learning this essential woodworking process. More than 750 photos and drawings illustrate the equipment available for sharpening and the methods for getting sharp edges on all types of tools – from basic chisels to molding planes and jointer knives.

Among the subjects covered:

* Choosing a sharpening system

* Sharpening planes and saws

* Touching up blades and bits

* Shaping turning gouges

* Honing carving tools

About the author
Toolmaker Thomas Lie-Nielsen brings a unique perspective to the subject of sharpening. He started making hand tools in 1981, after working in New York City at tool dealer Garrett Wade. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks now makes several dozen different high-end hand planes and saws, based on traditional designs.

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