Scrimshaw 2nd edition by Steve Paszkiewicz, Roger Schroeder


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Scrimshaw 2nd edition: A Complete Illustrated Manual Second Edition
Authors: Steve Paszkiewicz, Roger Schroeder

Pages: 72 Wood Burning,
Size: 8 1/2″ X 11″

Discover the Classic American Art of Scrimshaw.

In this second edition of Scrimshaw: A Complete Illustrated Manual, professional scrimshander Steve Paszkiewicz and veteran writer/carver Roger Schroeder provide the tips and updated techniques needed to successfully create your own authentic Scrimshaw art with tools and supplies from your local art supply store.

Everything you need to know is inside:

– A ready-to-use Scrimshaw pattern of a classic sailing vessel
– Selecting and finding tools
– Step-by-step instructions and process photos on how to prepare the medium, transfer a pattern, and engrave the design.
– Resources for modern ivory substitutes
– A gallery of 50 masterful examples of antique and contemporary scrimshaw

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