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Novacon Ltd is proud to introduce our Quasar Lighting System (LS) product line.
Quasar UVLS Product Information

The L.E.D.s found in the Quasar UVLS have been specifically chosen to give you the best possible L.E.D. lighting solution available. Through extensive research, our L.E.D.s are chosen based on intensity, and radiant pattern.

* Our UV LEDs are mainly chosen for their “Long Wave” characteristics 385nm~390nm.
* Second is the intensity, we wanted the brightest long Wave LEDs we could find.
* Finally, the radiant pattern gives you an even blanket of light on your subject.
* In the end we chose an LED that gives you a bright, Long Wave UV light with even illumination.

The Quasar UVLS Design

The placement of the L.E.D.s on the Quasar Ultra Violet Lighting System plays an essential role in the over-all performance of the Lighting System. Rather than having only one or two bulbs lighting your work area, the Quasar UVLS utilizes multiple light sources located in an array around your field of vision. The result is an even, bright field of light that is focused directly in your line of sight. It is similar to having several lights focused directly onto your work area from different angles.

The entire Lighting System is also light weight. Only weighing 25grams without batteries and 57grams with batteries, the lighting system can be added to your visor without noticing much difference. With the recent introduction of Lithium AA batteries like Energizers e^2 Lithium batteries, weight can be further reduced. Although Lithium batteries are more expensive, they weigh about 1/3 that of a standard Alkaline battery and last about 4 times longer.

We are proud of our products and we stand behind them. We strive to produce top quality products with zero defects. If you receive a defective item, we warrant our products against any defects due to quality of workmanship and/or craftsmanship for 5 years*. In the unlikely event that you would happen to receive a defective item, email our customer service department at service@novaconltd.com and we will get a replacement to you right away.

The Quasar Ultra Violet Lighting System is an ideal lighting solution for all sorts of applications which require the use of Black Light. Other than simply aiding in seeing things better under magnification, the addition of the UVLS helps in several Black Light applications while maintaining a hands free magnified view of your subject:

* Dermatology – Use for fluorescing skin pigments, imperfections and discolorations
* Optometry – Use for UV dyes when finding debris in eyes
* Engineers – Use for fluorescing cracks in steel and leaks with UV dyes
* Forensics – Use for illuminating proteins
* Stamp Collectors – Use for inspecting collectable stamps for imperfections
* Jewelers – Used for inspecting and illuminating flaws in gem stones

Caring for you Quasar UVLS
Although the Quasar Ultra Violet Lighting System is made with very durable L.E.D.s, it is not advised to submerse or spray cleaning solution directly onto the lighting frame when cleaning your lenses.
You can clean the lenses of your visor without removing the lighting frame by spraying the manufacturers recommended cleaning solution onto a clean cloth and then using the cloth to clean the lenses.
In the event your Quasar UVLS should get wet, remove the entire assembly from your visor, remove the batteries from the battery holder and blow out any excess liquid with compressed air. Let all the pieces dry out completely before reassembling the unit.


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