Quasar Lighting System Fits Opti-Visor

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Novacon Ltd is proud to introduce our Quasar Lighting System (LS) product line.
The Quasar LS is a unique patent pending L.E.D. lighting fixture that snaps to the front of your magnifying visor and significantly increases visibility in any environment.
Quasar LS Product Information

The L.E.D.s found in the Quasar LS have been specifically chosen to give you the best possible L.E.D. lighting solution available. Through extensive research, our L.E.D.s are chosen based on intensity, radiant pattern, color temperature and battery life.

* The sheer intensity of the L.E.D.s is simply overwhelming.
* The radiant pattern gives you an even blanket of light on your work piece.
* The cooler temperature of our LED is similar to a “Pure White” halogen lamp, the L.E.D.s are bright white with a blue hue to them which is ideal for most inspection purposes.

One of the greatest benefits of using L.E.D. technology is low power consumption.
The Quasar Lighting System will run continuously for weeks on a single set of batteries.
The lights do dim over a period of time, but the Quasar LS still remains intensely bright even after 16 hours of continuous use.

The Quasar Lighting System is superior to any lighting option at market today.
We also feel that because of its design, functionality and performance you will find it to be the best possible lighting solution available for your magnifying visor.

We are proud of our products and we stand behind them. We strive to produce top quality products with zero defects. If you receive a defective item, we warrant our products against any defects due to quality of workmanship and/or craftsmanship for 5 years*. In the unlikely event that you would happen to receive a defective item, email our customer service department at and we will get a replacement to you as soon as possible.

The Quasar Lighting System is an ideal lighting solution for all sorts of applications. Other than simply aiding in seeing things better under magnification with more light, the Quasar LS proves to be an invaluable addition to your magnifying visor for any of the following applications:

* Professional – Toolmakers, Machinists, Engineers, Jewelers, Doctors, Dentists ect.
* Hobbyist – Modelers, Coin Collectors, Stamp Collectors, Hand Carving, Fly Tying and Lure Making, ect.
* Crafts – Needle Point, Sewing, Hand Painting ect.
* Seeing Aid – Elderly, Vision Impaired, Reading

Caring for you Quasar LS
Although the Quasar Lighting System is made with very durable L.E.D.s, it is not advised to submerse or spray cleaning solution directly onto the lighting frame when cleaning your lenses.
You can clean the lenses of your visor without removing the lighting frame by spraying the manufacturers recommended cleaning solution onto a clean cloth and then using the cloth to clean the lenses.
In the event your Quasar LS should get wet, remove the entire assembly from your visor, remove the batteries from the battery holder and blow out any excess liquid with compressed air. Let all the pieces dry out completely before reassembling the unit.


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