Pro Pinstripe Techniques


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Pro Pinstripe Techniques

In more than forty years of pinstriping and creating signs, there isn�t much that East Coast Artie hasn�t done. With Pro Pinstripe, Artie shares everything he�s leaned during his long career. Find out first hand why Artie chose a particular color combination, or a certain brand of paint for a particular job.

To illustrate how pinstriping works in the real world, the bulk of this new book is made up of 12 start-to-finish pinstriping sequences performed by Artie and a small cadre of guest artists. Each of the guest artists, from Nub, (of Orange County Choppers fame), to Mr. J, Mikey Fredrick, Howie Nisgor, and Zeke Lamanski, have their own style, and their own contribution to this new pinstriping book.

From basic strokes, to choosing the best color combination to deciding which paint to use for a job that will be clear coated later, there isn�t much about pinstriping that Artie and his guests don�t know – and don�t share with readers in this new 144 page book from ArtKulture, an imprint of Wolfgang Publications. .

Six artists
Twelve start to finish pinstriping sequences
From old skool scallops to new wave scrolls
Panels, hot rods, motorcycles
144 Pages
Over 500 color photos

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