Optima Heavy Duty PH – 17 Hair Tip



Complete burning pen, pen body and tip are attached as one unit. They are not replaceable tips.Course Hair Tip

This tip is used to make hair on your caricature or mammal carvings, instead of using a tear-drop shaped dremel bit, or micro-V hand gouge. Obviously, you may still need these other tools for wider furrows, but this pen will make short work of the medium to finer sized hairs on your carvings (up to 1mm wide). This tip is only available in heavy duty style, as its design requires a thicker tip wire. It can also be used to do fine hair/feather work, where you can adjust the width and depth of a line by just pressing harder (rather than increasing your heat settings). As this pen tip has a limited “choke point” in it, it may tend to get more heat to the pen body. It is available with two extra foam grips to alleviate this problem, for only $1.00 more. Because this tip relies on the wire diameter used, it is not available in our fine style of pens.

Mammal carvers.
Flatwork pyrographers.
Gourd pyrographers.
Bowl Turners

Can also be used for “cross hatching” in flatwork, bowls, or on gourds. Also good for making tree bark, white hairs, and much more.


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