Optima Heavy Duty PH – 13 – M Fish Scale or Flat work Shading Medium



Complete burning pen, pen body and tip are attached as one unit. They are not replaceable tips. FishScale or Flat work Shading
What originally started out as a Cheryl Dow design for flat carving, was changed slightly via Scott Clinton to become a fish scale pen also. Has advantages over the Pat Kennedy system in that you can make your fish body curved without any troubles. Another advantage is that you need only one tip, not 9 or 15, and it cost the same as our other pens. No price hike here! I recommend getting this one in the Heavy Duty Style, as it will stand up to the rigors of burnishing with a pen of this design. This tip is available in small, medium, or large sizes. The medium size is probably the most versatile for most carvers and flat work pyrographers.Flatwork pyrographers
(Buildings, ships, etc)
Fish Carvers
(free form scaler)
Bird Carvers
(use instead of 14 or 15 on small bird feathers)


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