Mallards, A Pictorial Study


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Mallards, A Pictorial Study
Tricia Veasey

Book Details
ISBN: 0887401163
Size: 9″ x 6″
Illustrations: 166 color photos
Pages: 128

Binding: Soft Cover Book Description

This handy book is a comprehensive photographic study of over 150 exquisite full-color pictures of mallards from diverse regions in many natural environments and body positions. Most of the ducks shown are wild, but there are a few penned. The majority are in full breeding plumage while a few drakes in moult are included for identification. Author/photographer Tricia Veasey demonstrates in Mallards both her enthusiasm for this species of bird and her photographic talent. She has created here an excellent source book for artists, carvers, taxidermists and naturalists alike that will delight and inspire each individually.


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