Mack Brush, Outliners, Series 2179, #6


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Mack Brush, Lettering Quill, Squirrel / Taklon

Series 2179, #6

* Approximately 50% Brown Taklon & 50% Pure Kazan Squirrel. Our preferred mixtures for waterbase & acrylic paint
* Cream Handles With A Brown Tip
Brushes For Water Bourne, Water based
& Acrylic Paints
The specific density of water borne or water based paint is much heavier than lacquers & enamels. It is therefore necessary to use a brush with a little more body. Pure squirrel hair is fine for the lacquers & enamels, but a little too soft for the higher density water borne paints. We have developed a brush with a squirrel and taklon mixture to give you the desired hair weight for water borne paints.


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