Kulis Karvit Epoxy discontinued by Kulis Co.Use Aves Apoxie Clay 4 oz. 1/4 lb.


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USE Aves Apoxie Clay 4 oz. 1/4 lb. or Kulis Karvit had been discontinued by Kulis Co. Replaced by the Mfg. with 48 oz container for $39.95 Hald price by the oz.

See All Game Epoxy Same Mfg. different label.

7 oz. Kulis Karvit Kit. One each of 3.5 oz. Hardener and Resin. A revolutionary two part epoxy putty designed especially for the taxidermist and the wood carver. Water soluble, Mold-able, Non-shrinking, Carvable, Takes paint well.
Kulis Karvit is one of the best epoxies for burning. Sets in 30 minutes, cures over-nite. A little water on your finger tip will smooth the epoxy to a feather edge.

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