Guinevere – 2″ x 2″ Assorted Round Sleeves #11342



Guinevere Assorted Round Sleeves

Every sanding sleeve is made to specifically fit each inflatable sander. The sanding cloth material is highly flexible and made of the very best quality, sanding not only wood but also metals, plastic, bone and horn.

On the round sander, the overlapping design of the sanding sleeves is to ensure longevity and optimum effectiveness in awkward places. As the sanders are both round and soft the tendency for them to be clogged by dust and resin is very small compared, for example, with rotating paper discs. The sharpness of the abrasive lasts a long time, however, we highly recommend using a cleaning stick to considerably extend the working life of each sleeve. Cleaning sticks are included in each sanding set and are also available separately.

4 Assorted Round Sanders Include 1 each, Coarse, Medium, Fine, Extra-Fine


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