DVD – Ray Gonzalez Carving A Figure: The Female Form


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Carving A Figure: The Female Form – DVD
Author: Ray Gonzalez


Presented by Ray Gonzalez

For centuries, artists have been rendering the female form, from detailed illustrations and paintings to abstract sculptures and carvings. In Carving a Figure – The Female Form, Britain’s leading carver, Ray Gonzalez, offers his thirty years of experience to carvers who want to tackle the challenge of female anatomy and create breathtaking results.

Using detailed step-by-step demonstrations, Gonzalez presents the carving process – drawing and preparation, cutting a template, using the band saw to make a basic outline, and carving techniques for both hand and power tools. Clear teaching methods and superb video footage make following the carving process easy to follow from start to finish. A gallery of Gonzalez’s stunning works is a testament to his mastery of the craft and will inspire carvers to achieve similar results. With Carving a Figure – The Female Form, you can!

Topics included:
Drawing and preparation
Use of machine tools
Hand tool carving and techniques
Use of the band saw
tools and techniques


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