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The Nora Hall Essential European Woodcarving Series.Advanced European Woodcarving – DVD
With this third DVD, Nora Hall takes you beyond the basics to deepen your understanding of the advanced techniques, immersing you in a more complex carving project.

In this DVD, you will build a repertoire of Nora Hall’s Master Woodcarving techniques – specific techniques that set her methods apart from all others.

Students will come away with a design that can be immediately applied to any woodworking project.

In this DVD Nora immerses you in:

The advanced methods of Master European Woodcarving
Deepening your understanding and building on the foundation laid out in the first two videos
Advancing the woodcarver ahead with skills needed to confidently execute future designs of his or her choice

Approximately 60 minutes. Pattern included.
Whether you carve professionally or just occasionally as a hobby, this DVD will save you time and countless frustration. Learn the secrets from a third generation European Master Woodcarver.

With complete explanation and hands-on examples, Nora Hall shows you:

Correct work bench height
Securing small projects for clamping
Why the European Master carvers never use stop-cuts
Correct lighting
Drawing with charcoal
And much more

Approximately 40 minutes.

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