DVD – More Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X



More Automotive Cheap Tricks & Special F/X, This sequel to Craig Fraser’s original video demonstrates four top-selling designs in a detailed step-by-step presentation. You’ll learn how to use automotive urethanes, Kandy Koncentrates, dry pearls, base coats, clear coats, surface prep, the metal effect, and how to create rust, pock marks, rivets, streaks, gradations, and indentations. You’ll also learn shadowing, how to properly mix colors, masking techniques, use of reducer, use razor knives, use of circle templates, stencil registration, fogging, highlighting, how to use freehand shields, furls, use of transfer tape for masking, how to achieve depth in your images, the correct way to remove tape, the diamond plate effect, how to use computer-cut masking, the torn metal effect, warped metal effect, vinyl weeding, use of transparent masking tape, the brain effect, drawing with the airbrush, stippling, how to use pre-cleaner, marble/malachite stone effect, and more! Troubleshooting tips include: how to prevent or reduce overspray, correcting general mistakes, moisture prevention, how to avoid flashing, and how to avoid adhesive marks on projects. DVD.


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