DVD – Introduction to Airbrush


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Debbie Eastlack provides world class beginning airbrush instruction.
The techniques and principles demonstrated here can be used for all airbrush applications. This presentation is a must for beginning airbrush artists. You’ll learn the important differences between single- and double-action airbrushes and how to use them, gravity-fed versus siphon-fed airbrushes, the mechanics and anatomy of an airbrush, how to hold an airbrush, amstering trigger control, painting hard and soft edges, freehand skills, types of friskets and masking and how to cut and apply them, highlights, how to change colors in your airbrush, how to clean your airbrush, troubleshooting and how to avoid: tip dry, spidering centipede effect, barbells, paint trailing; step-by-step extercises: hard and soft lines, targeting for line control, distance exercise, cut and blow as you go, flare stroke, loops, gradations, freehand shields, the cube, the sphere, and much more.


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