Dux Acrylic Topcoat, Clear Gloss QT.



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Dux Acrylic Topcoat, Clear Gloss QT. Best for Interior  use.

DUX ACRYLIC TOPCOAT for gilding, artwork, hobby & graphic arts use is a non-reactive premium water clear vehicle composed of acrylic copolymers with outstanding characteristics. Its viscosity allows application by brush or spray over gilders leaf requiring protection from abrasion, water, ultra-violet and chemical resistance. It is not intended for use as an architectural coating.

A water-clear non-yellowing topcoat specifically formulated to prevent the lifting of leaf when top coated, a common problem with many varnishes on the market. When properly applied, this product will prevent tarnishing/oxidation of imitation gold, silver leaf and metallic finishes. This TopCoat has excellent water, ultra-violet and chemical resistance. It can also be used as a wood finish/sealer and concrete sealer. It is available in a gloss or satin finish.
Directions for Use
Surfaces must be smooth and free of any dust, oils, wax and fingerprints. If the leaf requires cleaning, only alcohol should be used. If applying TopCoat over a previously finished object, the surfaces must be cleaned and lightly sanded, and a small area should be tested to ensure compatibility. Please contact our technical department for recommendations.
The Top Coat has been formulated to be used at the consistency provided by the manufacturer. If the user feels that thinning is necessary, mineral spirits may be added in small quantities. Top Coat may be applied by brush, roller or spray. As with any paint or coating, this product should be mixed prior to use. If brushing, any good quality natural bristle brush should be used, the self-leveling properties of the size eliminate the need to over-brush the coating. If rolling, use a high quality short nap roller cover. When spraying, follow the equipment manufacturer recommendations. Best results are obtained with a minimum of 2 coats. Allow 3-4 hours of drying between coats.

Generally real gold leaf need not be protected from the elements unless it may be subject to abrasion, handling, etc. Due to the fact that all leaf is extremely thin, it contains many microscopic interstices (holes), and topcoats containing solvents can cause the solvent to penetrate through these microscopic openings and cause the size to bubble or breakdown. It is recommended that the gilder wait the prescribed number of days for each type of size prior to over-coating gold or other metal leaf.
With silver leaf however, the gilder should use the DUX QUICK DRY size and protect with the ACRYLIC TOPCOAT within 1-2 days after gilding in order to prevent the silver leaf from oxidizing or discoloring before sealing. Insure that the topcoat completely covers the leaf as well as sealing all edges. Other gilding leaf utilizing QUICK DRY size can be protected within 1-2 days. DUX SLOW OIL SIZE can be sealed in 3-4 days.
It is best that the gilder test a small area or similar substrate to insure that the size has dried sufficiently as temperature, humidity and size thickness play a part in effecting a complete diy.




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