Colwood Galaxy Wood Burner

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Colwood BurnersAward winning wildlife art is burned lightly and consistently. You are buying the Woodburner control unit only.
The burn should be a nice “toast-like” hue. Charred wood is usually the sign of a coarse burn lacking fine detail. Therefore, the successful artist requires a tool that provides steady power in order to produce a burn that does not fade or become too dark.
The Colwood Galaxy’s digital display and unique circuitry that compensates for fluctuations in line voltage promote this process.

Standard Features

Digital Display (nominal range 0-550)
55 distinct temperature settings
Circuitry that compensates for fluctuations in line voltage
3 pronged AC cord and built-in fuse
Precise, solid state temperature controller
One ultra-flex handpiece cord (16 gauge)
Separate on/off switch
Terminal barrier for easy replacement of handpiece cords
Clip for mounting handpieces
4 year warranty (handpiece cord carries a 90 day warranty)
Tips and handpieces sold separately


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