Carving the Coyote


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Carving the Coyote
Dale Power
Book Details
ISBN: 0887405673
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Illustrations: 250+ color photos, patterns
Pages: 64
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Description
Using both hand and power tools, Dale leads you happily through the process of carving a realistic howling coyote make the process a delight. You will not only learn how to carve the coyote, but will also learn how to lay in the coyote’s hair pattern with a combination of carving and wood burning tools. Painting your coyote in authentic regional colors is discussed as well. When you are finished, Dale will show you how to mount your coyote in a natural surrounding. As if that were not enough, Dale also guides you through carving a rabbit realistic enough to attract the attention of any coyote! Gallery photographs provide informative perspectives on the coyote and rabbit alike. Group shots with several different coyotes are provided to inspire you to new heights of creativity.


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