Carving Miniature Carousel Animals with Dale Power


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Carving Miniature Carousel Animals with Dale Power
Dale Power
Book Details
ISBN: 0764303120
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Illustrations: 267 color photos, 12 patterns for 8 animals
Pages: 64
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Description
The complex blend of comedy and threat in the mounts on early American carousels still fascinates children and adults. For those who want to create that antique animal charm, Dale Power provides direct instructions and 267 color photographs illustrating all the steps necessary to transform a simple basswood blank into an impressive carousel goat like those that might have adorned carousels built between 1860 and 1930. Dale uses a variety of hand and power tools to complete his projects. Once the carving is complete, wood burning, painting, and mounting techniques are discussed which will bring your carousel animal to life. Patterns for seven additional, uncommon carousel animals and a color gallery are provided to further inspire carvers. With a combination of straightforward instructions and full color illustrations, this book will be a valued addition to the libraries of novice and advanced carvers alike.


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