Carving Egg Animals


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Mary Finn Photography by Donna Baker
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Illustrations: 185 color photos
Pages: 48
Binding: soft
Book Description
Accomplished carver and teacher Mary Finn shows how to create all kinds of charming animals, each “born” from a commercially available wooden egg. Egg animals can come out of the egg in any direction and can be made standing, sitting, or lying down. Here, step by step instructions and color photography illustrate carving techniques for a crouching rabbit, sitting bear, chubby pig, and fire-breathing dragon. Readers will learn how to orient the egg, establish the basic outline, complete eyes, ears, feet, and other details, and paint the finished animal. These projects require only minimal working space and are great for those with limited access to saws or other large equipment. Each egg has the potential to become a favorite pet, a wild animal, or an imaginative character, and all provide lots of fun and enjoyment for the carver.

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