Carving Animals: Bunnies and Chipmunks


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Carving Animals: Bunnies and Chipmunks

Rosalyn Daisey

Book Details
ISBN: 9780764338854
Size: 8 1/2 x 11
Illustrations: 739 color images; 5 patterns; & 4 color palettes.
Pages: 256

Binding: Hard Cover

Book Description
Having taught carving classes for more than 30 years, Rosalyn Daisey brings the same step-by-step format that she uses in her classes to the written page for the sixth time. The subject is carving and painting small animals. There are 2 rabbit and 2 chipmunk carving projects along with a chapter on helpful hints and information. Each animal carving has its own, unique personality that seems to come to life as the project progresses.Roz carefully leads readers through the project from cutting out the blank to painting and completing the projects. The 871 color photographs show each step, while the text explains what to do and how to perform that particular procedure. Before you know it, the project is finished, and you can sit back and admire your creation! This book speaks to all levels of carving experience.


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