AUTOMACH Carver Model WCS-100

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AUTOMACH Power Carver Model WCS-100
Authorized Service, Repair Center (U.S.A.) for Automach.* Continuous carving of hard wood, such as ebony, rosewood (for professional).
* For Sculpture Carving Cutting Polishing Drilling
* You can carve with one third of force at 3 – 5 times greater speed, when comparing with manual carving, and therefore you won,t get tired.Rated voltage AC 100/120V, 50/60Hz
* The grabbing portion is as small as 30mm in diameter., so that you can handle this tool like a manual carving knife.
* The number of blade reciprocation has become 12,000 per minute which is 2 times greater than the conventional model. Along with 1.5mm(1/16inch) reciprocation width, the cut amount has increased by 30 – 40%
* The flexible shaft (power carrying wire) has become softer and lighter, so that you can use the tool more easily.
* Professionals and woodworking people admire that finished surface is finer, when compared with finished surface by manual carving.

Optional Rotary Head available.NOT INCLUDED WITH SET ABOVE
* Type RH-102 Rotary Head
When you need rotation instead of reciprocation, just connect RH-102 to the flexible shaft of a Wood Carver. The Wood Carver becomes a rotary tool. Chucking capacity is up to 6.5mm, 1/4″.

Optional* Type WG-200 Honing Stone NOT INCLUDED WITH SET ABOVE
Middle meshes has 4 kinds of channels on surface. Available both water and oil.


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