AUTOMACH Carver Model HCT-30-S 240 V



Not for USA Voltage
Authorized Service, Repair Center (U.S.A.) for Automach.
Model HCT-30-S 200-240V 40WOur Machines Spec is 50 / 60 Hz

Vibration free, Aluminum body, Will carve through the toughest woods, body measures 1 3/4\” x 9\”.

Rotary carver:
Attaching the rotary head, Hand Craft becomes a rotary carver. The head is easy to change. 12000 RPM

Reciprocation 12,000 vib./min. Speed 12,000 r.p.m.
Rated voltage 200-240V 40Wz Operable hour Continuous
Rated power consumption 40W(MAX:80W Size 44 x 228mm
Weight Approx. 800g Amplitude 1.0mm

Power Carving.Electric Wood Carver. Blade\’s high-speed reciprocation enables fast, beautiful and elegant carving, for very hard wood as well.

# High efficiency:
You can carve wood with one third of force needed for manual carving and at 3-5 times faster, so that you won,t get tired in carving
# Sharp carving:
You can carve the hardest wood easily and smoothly, because the cutter reciprocates at high speed (12,000s.p.m).
# Safe and easy to handle:
The machine uses free-floating mechanism, so that its cutter reciprocates only when pressed onto wood. Therefore, you can handle the machine easily and safely. Furthermore,it is light approx. 2 lbs and easy to grab.

* For carving and polishing wood, soft stone (honing stone) and plastic (for professional use)

4. Rotary carver:
Only by attaching the rotary head, Hand Craft becomes a rotary carver. The head is easy to change. (Applicable to the model HCT-30S)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs


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