ARCH W/C PPR 140# CP 22 x 30

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22 x 30 inches.A unique, manual gelatine-sizing process and painstaking manufacture make Arches watercolour paper the reference paper among artists and the world leader in 100% cotton watercolour papers.

The Arches paper is greatly appreciated by watercolourists for its special qualities – stability, colour rendition, resistance to tearing and fluffing.

Arches Watercolours
Arches Watercolours is an acid-free, 100% cotton paper, which lends the product resistance, stability, and a characteristic feel. The traditional production process on a round cylinder gives the item a varied, harmonious texture: cloth, fine, or satiny. Surface sized inside and dry on the surface, the colours are rendered beautifully even after scratching and gumming. Its natural dye and antifungal protection ensures its excellent permanence. Recommended for watercolours, poster paint, acrylic, ink, calligraphy. May be used on offset typography. Identification: Arches France distinctive watermark and dry stamped.

Technics :
watercolor painting** watercolour wash**
oil grease crayon**China ink**
colour inks**water felt*
sanguine crayon*screen printing*
pastel art crayon*lithography*
** : Highly recommended for this type of use
* : Possible use


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