Arbortech Industrial-Pro Cutterhead



Precision machined from hardened tool steel, the Industrial cuts wood with a super smooth, controllable action. Specifically developed by Arbortech for cutting timber and other tough sheet materials, the Industrial Woodcarver is fitted with three Super Sharp tungsten carbide teeth which are diamond ground and polished on every surface.

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The tungsten carbide teeth are easily rotated to expose a fresh cutting profile or can be replaced if necessary, simply by loosening the screw using the key provided. No more down time for sharpening.

Tungsten Carbide teeth can be unlocked and rotated to a fresh cutting edge or replaced entirely
Fits to most 100mm (4\”) & 115mm (4 1/2\”) grinders
Designed to meet international safety standards
Precision machined from solid steel for life time use
Replacement blades and accessories can be purchased separately
It is the ideal cutting and freehand shaping tool for hard abrasive timbers allowing absolute control, and is also great for other synthetic and sheet materials such as: wood, melamine laminate, MDF, plastic, nylon, corian, bakelite, acrylic. GRP/fibreglass, chipboard, etc.

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