8 Tooth Saw Chain Disc Set 2″



8 Tooth Saw Chain Disc Set

“The World’s Smallest Chainsaw” is a 8 tooth chain accessory housed between two 10mm discs that fits The Merlin2® – A Wizard of a Tool. Merlin2® accessories provide custom tools that extend your carving capabilities. All accessories work with both Merlin2® variable speed and fixed speed models.  Now carvers who are working on a smaller scale can enjoy the rapid, yet controlled, stock removal that large scale carvers have enjoyed for years. Only 2″ in diameter,  this accessory reaches into tight areas which previously had to be carved and smoothed by hand. You can rough out with the chain disc. Discs are designed to be driven by the powerful and proven Merlin2 long neck mini grinder, which features electronic speed control from 3,300 to 13,000 rpm. All discs have a 10mm arbor. The Merlin 2® is more than just a carving tool!  Merlin2® allows for smooth cutting and excellent control.  Great for light stock removal and use in tight, difficult to reach areas.  This wizard will do what other tools just can’t do.  Merlin2® can be used with a variety of accessories for grinding, roughing, and finishing.

Merlin2® Disc Accessory – 2″ (50mm) diameter, includes 8 tooth saw chain between two 10mm discs. Use to remove, cut, shape and sculpt various materials such as wood, dense foam, foam core, bone, horn, antler, rubber, ice and soft non-ferrous materials. Great for working on habitat.

Sharpens easily with our 5/32” round file.



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