Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil MANGANESE BLUE HUE 37ML



Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil MANGANESE BLUE HUE 37ML

The highest professional quality traditional oil colour made from the finest pigments.

Range Introduction

Artists’ Oil Colour is unmatched for its purity, quality and reliability – a success which is reflected in its world-wide reputation amongst professional artists. It has 120 colours in the range, offering the widest spectrum of all the Winsor & Newton oil ranges.

Pigment Purity

Like all raw materials, pigments are available in various grades. We use only the purest of pigments ensuring the cleanest, brightest colours, which in turn produce the best colour mixtures.

Manganese Blue Hue

Manganese Blue Hue is a clear greenish azure blue colour. It is based on the now obsolete Manganese Blue made of Barium Manganate.


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