W1A Molochite Grog White Stoneware- Ex shipping charges apply


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W1A With Molochite Grog White Stoneware Clay 50Lb Box –

Extra shipping charges apply.

Call for quantity pricing.

We supply a large number of schools and studios. Studios can buy smaller amounts, no need to but a ton of clay all at once. We are very competitive on price and have a good stock on hand.

We are a master distributor for Sheffield Pottery.

A strong, dense, fine grained white body ideal for throwing. Plastic but not rubbery, it has been formulated from the highest quality and purest white clays. Nearly porcelain-like, translucent in very thin cross sections at Cone 6.
The addition of molchite white grog makes this the right choice for hand-building and throwing larger pots..

Temperature Range Cone 6

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Weight 50 lbs


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