Upland Game Bird Carving, Daisey


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Upland Game Bird Carving
Rosalyn Daisey
Book Details
ISBN: 0887403492
Size: 8 1/2″ x 11″
Illustrations: 200+ color, 600+ b/w photos
Pages: 240

Binding: Hard Cover

Book Description

Upland Game Bird Carving displays all the talent and creativity of Rosalyn Daisey and makes it available to other carvers. In easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, the reader will be able to learn the methods of creating these fine and beautiful sculptures. Beginning with accurately detailed plans, the techniques of carving, texturing, painting and mounting are explained with exquisite photographs and drawings. The book includes five carving projects. The male mourning dove is a particularly fun project, not only because the bird has opened wings but also because it is lighted from within the branch of the piece. Its base is a sculpted shadow of the bird in flight. A perched dove, a female, is one of Rosalyn’s favorites because of the elegance of the dove itself. The complexity of the female woodcock project is balanced with the simplistic cuteness of the chick project. And the challenging bobwhite quail is intriguing because of its interesting feather patterns. The illustrations, carving directions and explanations, and the photographs are five conclusive seminars in tangible form. The complete instructions will lead the reader through all five Upland Game Bird Carving projects.


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