Typhoon Carbide Bur Fine Grit Kit 3/32″ shank-AKHK85

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Fine Grit Kit includes 4 burs with 3/32″ (2.35mm) shanks: A-KB32119, A-KB32315 A-KB32519 and A-KB32719.
Typhoons have unique structurally aligned points that are ideal for rapid and aggressive shaping and roughing out work on hard and soft wood, acrylic, die stone, plaster, hard rubber and fiberglass. Typhoon burs last longer and do not load as quickly. Coarse (red) grit are more aggressive than fine (blue) grit, but both will remove a lot of material quickly.
35,000 RPM Max Speed. Made in USA.
Clean with HB58 Brass Brush. Do not use a file card or steel brush to clean Typhoon burs and sleeves.


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