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True-Fire by Mike Lavallee freehand airbrush templates w/ instructional DVD on how to use the templates. (DVD is how to use the templates only) Also available under DVDs’ is Mike’s (The Secrets of True Fire Air brushing Technique )DVD Kit includes 18 positive/negative templates total with DVD on how to use the templates only, not how to paint the fire. To learn how to paint True Fire you will need the The Secrets of True Fire Air brushing Technique DVD
BONUS!!! Also included is the instructional Artool TRUE FIRE Template DVD by Mike Lavallee. On this DVD, Mike shares the tips and tricks on how to create your own realistic fiery effects. This DVD does not cover the flame painting, it covers the use of the templates only.

Mike Lavallee is setting the custom paint world on fire with his TRUE FIRE effect. Mike has created and perfected the technique for rendering dramatic realistic interpretations of actual fire burning down the surface of motorcycles, automobiles, boats and aircraft. His combination of layering candy colors, and his use of the Artool TRUE FIRE Freehand Airbrush Templates are HOT! HOT!! HOT!!!

Since his appearances on “Monster Garage”, Mike Lavallee and his Killer Paint Airbrush Studio, have been honored to participate in The Learning Channel’s wildly popular “Overhaulin'” and “Rides” television programs. Mike credits these television programs for helping spread the word of his TRUE FIRE techniques. Mike has dedicated over 25 years to his artwork. Along the way he has touched many lives, spread many smiles, inspired awe and lived life to the fullest.

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