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Steve Vandemon (yes, that IS his real name!), the artist and owner of Absolute Custom Paint in Anaheim, California, has been airbrushing for well over a decade. Along with Steve’s numerous other talents as a crack-shot custom automotive artist, he is an accomplished sculptor, pin-striper, graphic designer and professional hard-rockin bass player. He has appeared in countless (an unspecified large number) publications throughout the world, as well as appearing on Pimp My Ride, Monster Garage, Rides, Chop/Cut Rebuild AND has shown up on the cutting-room floor in the premiere of Motorcycle Mania. Steve’s artwork has also been exhibited at the prestigious Laguna Art Museum.

Tribal Masters II Cornered from Artool makes it easy to master symmetrical framework tribal designs – in minutes instead of hours – around your artwork or themes which you’ve created from Tribal Master I. In addition, you can rendor additional tribal patterns using any of the Tribal Masters by interfacing Cornered with either Tribalnometry or Cirque Du Tribl.

The various sizes of Tribal Masters II Cornered perform amazingly well for rendering tribal imagery on tanks, fenders, helmets, murals, fine art and illustration… nearly any surface requiring some uber-tribal mojo! Both Tribal Master I and Tribal Masters II are jammed pack with a myriad of background images, and are great for shading and/or creating extremely intricate symmetrical themes. HOT TIPS: Ghosting effects are simply righteous when used with pearl finishes, and you can also achieve some radically prominent effects when spraying opaque or metallic layers.

Take charge with Artool Tribal Masters!


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