The Art of pyrography BK-#4


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The Art of pyrography BK-#4 -.taking woodburning to new limits

By Nedra Denison

There is life after basswood and Nedra’s going to show you all about it! Nedras latest book covers new and fun things you can do with a woodburner.
She includes step-by-step projects burning on gourds and maple burl.
Included are all the patterns not in previous books and there is a gallery of burnings done on unique canvas such as paper, tagua nuts, leather, gourds, maple burls, canvas and more.
Nedra includes information on each with tips for burning on the various materials in the book.
The idea is to give burners food for thought about the type of canvas that can be used for burning.
It’s time to take woodburning to new limits. Its not just woodburning anymore, its pyrography and you can experience the thrill of creating unique one of a kind pyrographic art as well!


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