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T-6B Moist Pottery Stoneware – 50 lb. box –

Extra shipping charges apply.

Call for quantity pricing.

We supply a large number of schools and studios. Studios can buy smaller amounts, no need to but a ton of clay all at once. We are very competitive on price and have a good stock on hand.

We are a master distributor for Sheffield Pottery.

T-6B Moist Stoneware Pottery Clay is a superb wheel throwing stoneware clay. It is designed to incorporate all the versatile qualities of our T3 body, and be extremely vitreous at cone 6. Great for dinnerware, its excellent thermal properties make this an ideal choice for functional ware. This clay body is screened to insure dependable results.
Price shown is for a 50lb box.

Temperature Range Cone 6

Grog Fine
Color In Oxidation Light Cream
Color In Reduction Dark Buff/Iron Spots
Shrinkage c/6/ox./ 10.70%
Absorption c/6/ox./ .58%

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Weight 50 lbs


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