Strop – Razor Sharp – Edgemaking System 10”X 1 ¼” Magnum Kit arbor hole 3/4″ / 5/8″


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Strop – Razor Sharp – Edgemaking System 10”X 1 ¼” Magnum Kit with 3/4″ arbor hole, and 5/8” bushing included.

Put an absolute polished razor edge on any knife…in only seconds!

Sharpen any knife: Circular blades, curved blades, reverse curved blades, serrated blades, straight edges, and wavy blades.

Also sharpen: Broadheads, chisels, draw knives, gouges, head knives, lathe tools, leather punches, needles, planer blades, scissors, v-tools, and more.

Our kits come with complete instructions!
The Razor Sharp Edgemaking System consists of two compressed paper wheels that will fit on any bench grinder.
One wheel is coated with Silicon Carbide and is used to develop a burr or wire-edge.
The included Conditioning Wax (a special formula of fats, oils and waxes) is applied to the grit wheel to lubricate and control heat.
The second wheel is slotted and, with the help of the included jewelers rouge, is used to remove burrs and polish the edge.
A grit wheel will sharpen a couple hundred knives before it needs recoating.
Enough additional Silicon Carbide is provided with the kit to recoat the grit wheel about 30 times.

Complete instructions are included in each kit.
Two wheels (1 each gritted and slotted)
10″ X 1″ Magnum Kit – 10”X 1 ¼” Magnum Kit with 5/8” removable bushing Deluxe Grit Pack, Instructions


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