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Get the new Artool HOTHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates, designed by Mike Lavallee, while their hot. Hold onto your hats because its gettin hot n scary in here! For a few years, the world of kustom painting hasnt been the same since the creation of Mikes True Fire airbrushing techniques. Now Mike turns up the heat a few notches with his outrageous skull offerings, which are sure win over the hearts n souls of kustom auto painters everywhere. Theyll save you a ton of time in creating something completely wicked for your rod or chopper. There are two sets of HOTHEADZ to choose from, which contain 4 sizes in S through XLG: SMOKIN JOES (FH HH 1), and HELL RIDERS (FH HH 2).
Im famous for painting my wicked skulls and killer True Fire on everything that drives, flies or floats. Now you can create your own wickedness with my Artool HOTHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates. Use your HOTHEADZ fire n skulls templates on a variety of projects like: motorcycles, trucks, R/C cars, vehicles, guitars and more! My Artool HOTHEADZ templates really make my skull n fire painting a breeze! They save me a ton of time without having to Freehand everything. Mike Lavallee
The new Artool HOTHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates are now available at your favorite Iwata-Medea-Artool supplier.
This set includes:
Smokin Joes
SM 6 x 3
Smokin Joes
MED 8 x 4

Smokin Joes
LG 10.25 x 5.25

Smokin Joes
XLG 13.75 x 7


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