Silentaire – SPECTRUM 2012 Color Changer


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SPECTRUM 2012 Special Features:
– you can use 9 different colors simultaneously
– easy handling; manual changing of colors with a Color-Dial at
your fingertips
– contains a Pressure Regulator (0-28 PSI) to pressurize the
paint; this gives you the possibility of innumerous special
effects (squirt, spatter and spray as never before!)
– blend of colors; two colors of adjacent color bottles can be
blended however you like
– quick change of color (cleaning of your airbrush with its color
cup is not necessary)
– simple connection to your compressor with a 6mm Air Hose
and a Quick Connector
– application does not depend on direction; you can use the
SPECTRUM 2012 in a horizontal position, as well as in a
vertical position
– simple backflushing of colors once you decide to change the
colors; with this feature you have no loss of paint
– simple transport and connection to different sources of
compressed air is possible


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