Silentaire – Scorpion I-W


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Item-No.: FS-MA1000A
Psi @ auto shut-off: 40
CFM @ 0 psi: 0.93
CFM @ max psi: 0.48
HP-rating: 1/8
Compressor dimensions: 10.4″ x 5.5″ x 7.1″
Scorpion Compressors
Portable piston compressors that are portable, compact, oil-less and require no maintenance. Quiet performance – sound level barely above a whisper – with a hose for an airbrush. A simple on/off switch activates these compressors. Features also include an automatic shut-off switch which permits these compressors to turn themselves off when not in use and back-on when resuming airbrushing. This eliminates heat-related moisture build-up, reduces running time and minimizes motor wear.

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