Ronan Acrylic Clear Overcoat qt.


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Ronan Acrylic Clear Overcoat qt.

Acrylic Clear Overcoat is a solvent based, fast drying, acrylic clear topcoat with UV-inhibitive additives that is specially formulated to provide long lasting protection to painted surfaces. This coating is designed for use as a topcoat on painted signs and bulletins. Resists yellowing, oxidization, checking and cracking. It is also ideal for renewing faded signs. This coating should not be used on raw wood or any surface, which will come in contact with solvents or harsh cleaning agents (vehicles, motorcycles, windows). Do not use over Gold Leaf. For automotive vehicles and motorcycles use Aquathane Gloss. Do not use Acrylic Clear Overcoat on vinyl signs. For vinyl signs or letters use Vinyl Cote. Ronan Acrylic Clear Overcoat is available in gloss. 

Dry Time: @ 70°F; 50% Relative Humidity: Dries to touch – 30 minutes to 2 hours; to handle – 2 hours; to recoat – 48 hours. Full cure – 48 hours. Will take longer to dry under colder or more humid conditions. 

Application Methods: Brush, roller or spray.

32 fl oz (1 Quart)


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