ROMA Plastilina, Grey-Green, No. 3, Medium-Firm, 2 lbs.


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Firmer than ROMA Plastilina No. 1 and ROMA Plastilina No. 2, this oil- and wax-based modeling clay retains its malleability (capable of being manipulated easily). Extra shipping charges apply.

ROMA Plastilina No. 3 is the preferred choice among those sculptors modeling smaller pieces such as bas-reliefs, doll heads and miniature figures. In addition its firmness allows the artist to sculpt in greater detail as well as using it for design mock-ups.

As with the other ROMA Plastilina clays, since ROMA Plastilina No. 3 is not made with water, it will not harden permanently and is not adversely affected by heat. Contains sulfur.

Color: Grey-Green. Packaged 2-lb. unit.The Plastilina never hardens since it does not contain water and is not adversely affected by heat. Contains sulfur.

Color: Grey-Green. Packaged 2-lb. unit.Preferred by professional sculptors, Plastilina (also referred to as plasteline, plasticium, and plasticine) is an oil- and wax-based clay modeling material. Permanently pliable because of its wax and oil ingredients, Plastilina is used as a modeling material only and cannot be fired in any way. In addition, the material cannot be made permanent; therefore, if you are looking to reproduce your piece, be prepared to make a mold and cast of the piece.

There are 3 basic grades of Plastilina:

Professional Grade – this pliable clay commonly contains sulfur in order to make a smoother, more homogeneous texture. Our popular ROMA Plastilina® is one. However, in response to the demand for a non-sulfur professional grade Plastilina, Sculpture House developed PRIMA Plastilina.
School Grade – also known as amateur- grade plastilina and does not contain sulfur. Tends to be stiffer than professional grade plastilina and more difficult to model with the fingers. Frequently used for Claymation and advertising.
Industrial Grade – very hard modeling plastilina that is used by designers in the auto motive field. It is typically not available to the retail customer.

Manufactured here in the US, Sculpture House offers both Professional Grade Plastilina (ROMA and PRIMA) as well as School Grade Plastilina (Jolly King Plasteline) for the consumer. For more information on our line of Plastilinas, see below.


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