Realistic Water 16 oz.



Realistic Water 16 oz.
Use to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers, lakes and more.
Pour directly from the bottle. Realistic Water is self-leveling. Pour no more than 1/8 deep.
Dries clear in approximately 24 hours and the bottle covers an area 17 in diameter when poured to the recommended depth of 1/8.
Woodland Scenics water products require no mixing, are water-soluble and flexible.
Any water scene can be modeled using these products, including great waterfalls, raging rivers, still, quiet water and more.
Create the illusion of water depth (before pouring water products) with Earth Colors Liquid Pigments.
Add submerged items such as rocks, Dead Fall, junk, etc. before adding water, (using Water Effects as an adhesive).
Dry 24 hours before pouring water.
1. Pour Realistic Water in prepared water cavity.
2. To make a waterfall, measure the fall area. Squeeze Water Effects onto non-stick surface.
3. Spread the Water Effects one-half inch longer than the waterfall length.
4. When dry, pull up Water Effects. Brush a little Water Effects on the back of the ends of the waterfall for adhesion and attach it to the area.

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