Razertip SS-D10 Wood Burner, w/ 1 Fixed Pen and two cords


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Razertip SS-D10 Woodburner w/ 1 Fixed Pen and two cords. One HD cord and one Regular cord. Or you can pick two cords the same.
The SS-D10 is Razertip\’s workhorse, with many features not found on any other burner. Dual handpiece capability allows you to have 2 pens plugged in at the same time and change between them at the flick of a switch.
This is particularly useful if your work calls for frequent handpiece changes as it saves time as well as wear on the connectors. The SS-D10\’s extra low-end temperature adjustment allows you to turn the heat down further if the \”1\” setting is still too hot.
If you are sculpting wax or detailing plastics, you\’ll love the extra range available on the low end of the SS-D10.


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