Razertip – Scale Tip #22- 5mm Keeled Snake Scale


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Razertip – Scale Tip #22- 5mm Keeled Snake Scale

Tip Only

Keeled Snake Scale – 5mm (0.1969″ – approximately 3/16″) wide – Tip Only.

This tip forms a realistic keeled snake scale, mimicking the real thing. Keeled scales refer to scales that, rather than being smooth, have a narrow ridge running down the center e.g. Rattlesnake.

#22 tips all have a steel blade welded onto the tip. Larger sizes will require a higher heat setting and a longer heat-up and cool-down time.

Will only work with the Binding-Post Interchangeable-tip Pen #BPH.

HD cord is recommended for all scale tips. Use our brass brush for cleaning these tips.



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